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  1. ALA-edge is the best. They work really hard to make students grasp the strategies and learn even what they can't find in other institutes. I had tutoring classes and a TOEFL Prep course in February 2016, I was able to score much higher in the TOEFL & Accuplacer because they know what they are doing. I was fully admitted to UT after that. I highly recommend ALA-edge to any student.
    Emad Alobaidan
  2. I thought I knew much about TOEFL until I had a TOEFL prep course with ALA-edge. The trainer knows it all & very passionate about what she does and always goes an extra mile to make sure I got the concepts and strategies! They are the best...
    Fatimah Alqam
  3. In Edu.Fun. Program in summer 2016, I had the chance to learn and have fun in the same time. Also, we had a trip in the end of each week. Moreover, the manager was nice to us, and helped us whenever we had a problem. Overall, I enjoyed going to the US with ALA-edge.
    Mohammed Alaithan
  4. I have learned in four months what I did not learn in one year in other schools. The books they use is exactly what any student needs to enhance his/her vocabulary. I learned academic words which help me to get high score in standardized test . MyEnglishLab was very helpful. Finally, the staff were very helpful. I would recommend this school for any one who wants to get the score of ILTES/TOFEL.
    Ali Alshehri
  5. It's a good school. They focus on vocabulary that native speakers always use. Moreover, the choice of the textbooks is perfect.
    Wejdan Alsughairat
  6. “The instructors & administration are friendly & work hand in hand to create an effective and comfortable class environment for the students. They have an amazing energy and make the best of their efforts to encourage students in different ways in order to make the course material seem easy, engaging, and interesting at the same time. I highly improved my communication & writing skills.  In summary, I strongly recommend the ILP for students who want to improve their English skills as they care about students’ success.
    Jaafar B., MD
  7. “My English is getting better more and more because of the way you teach me. You are a professional staff. Since I joined ALA-edge, every member of the staff and instructors was nice, friendly, and motivational. I appreciate your efforts.”
    S. Alyousif
  8. This is the best place for learning the English language. I studied for four months and I learned a lot from here. The way they teach and the books they use are very helpful. Teachers are very helpful and friendly.
    Farman M.
  9. ALA-edge is an institution where my English has improved. I have been learning there for six months. I am really enjoying myself there. Also, all the instructors and staff have teaching passion and creating techniques which make them so professional and effective. They are eager to make their students have the right fluency in English. Lastly, I highly recommend the ILP.
    Hussain Aldawood
  10. American Learning Advant-edge (ALA-edge) is that school I chose to learn from the best. The teachers are skillful, humble, passionate, with great experience, and excited to show you the way. I learned grammar rules, writing styles, and reading skills. Also, they helped me improve my knowledge and skills not just during the course, but beyond.
    H. Almutair